Take Your Event To The Next Level With Lighting

Event planning can be stressful! From creating the guest list, deciding a theme and choosing decorations. It can be overwhelming and time consuming! If the event is at night, it can add even more considerations when planning. Did you know that lighting your event can dramatically transform an ordinary space into something breathtaking? That's right! Lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways to turn a birthday party, gala, dinner, fundraiser, and prom into something unforgettable.

We at Dynamic Celebration Lighting understand that creative and thoughtful lighting is an art form. It can be used to provide ambiance lighting or direct guest's attention. Lighting can even be used to make an already stunning floral arrangement, centerpiece or food display stand out!

Our Event Lighting Rental Process

4 Easy Steps To Stress-Free Event Lighting Rentals

How Our Lighting Can Enhance Your Event

Our experts are trained to make your event special. Here are just a few of our techniques.

String Lights We can hang string lights overhead to give your space a romantic and enchanted feel. There are many different bulb varieties to choose from to match your vide. You may have also seen these referred to as "patio lights" or "fairy lights".

Curtain Lights These are lights meant to hang down from above in a straight line. If there are multiples next to each other, they form a curtain of lights. They can make a great backdrop behind the altar or even behind the couple's reception table.

Tree Lighting Lighting in trees can create a soft glow of ambiance around it. We can hang globes or spritzers from them. We can hang light curtain strands to give a rain down effect. We can also wrap the tree itself in lights to bring out nature's beauty.

Let's Transform Your Event!