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The Christmas season is a favorite time of year for so many in Pennsylvania. The holiday festivities of decorating the home, giving presents and spending time with family bring joy and memories to all. One of the best parts of Christmas is taking joy in the beautiful Christmas lights of your home and all of your neighbors in Morgantown. Many people love the look of Christmas lights but hate the hassles of hanging them up. If you've dealt with the stress of installing your own Christmas lights, you know the difficulty and pain that come with it!

We can help you create the look that you've always wanted with our beautiful custom designed lighting installation packages. We offer many different types of Christmas lighting and decorations for you and your family to enjoy this season! Dynamic Celebration Lighting exists to make people have an enjoyable holiday season without the stress.

We are here to take care of all of your Christmas lighting needs and help you have the best Christmas ever! Dynamic Celebration Lighting is the #1 choice for Christmas lighting in Morgantown and southeastern Pennsylvania.

Our Morgantown Holiday Light Installation Process

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What Does Professional Christmas Light Installation Cost?

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How Do You Price Your Christmas Light Hanging Services?

Every single holiday lighting project we quote is one of a kind. We start an estimate by measuring rooflines, trees, shrubs and more to determine how many feet of lights, bulbs or light strands will be needed. We calculate the time it will take to install and take down our Christmas lights and decorations. We factor our included light maintenance and inventory replacement costs as well as costs associated with properly storing holiday lights in the off-season. What we provide to our customers is an affordable and all-inclusive Christmas light hanging service that will make your residential or commercial property bright and festive for the holidays without the stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Christmas Light Installation Services near me?

You've come to the right place! We offer professional holiday light installation services in our large service area including Morgantown. Complete our quick and easy online quote request form for a free estimate and pricing of your project!

Who should you hire for your Christmas lighting project?

We are the experts in holiday decorating. Our team of light installers is dedicated to creating a festive and magical feeling for your holiday, no matter how big or small. We offer a wide range of services from lighting effects and decorations to custom designs and installations.

What colors do you offer in Christmas lights?

We have a huge inventory of holiday lights and have all colors available including: Multi color, clear/white, red, green, blue, and specialty combinations of any colors. Since we lease our Christmas lights, you are welcome to change your light colors or combinations from year to year at no extra charge!

Can you install my own Holiday lights?

We do not install customer supplied lights. We only hang our commercial grade LED lights that feature a lifelong warranty for our customers. Our holiday lights are more dependable and shine brighter than most widely available big box retailer lights.

What if my Holiday lights stop working?

One of the first items to check when your holiday lighting stops working is the GFCI outlet receptacle or breaker. Moisture can trip GFCI units and a simple reset will often resolve the issue. If that does not turn your lights on, contact us and we can either talk you through the issue or send a technician to fix your holiday display. We provide a lifelong warranty on all our light sets.

Do you sell or lease your Holiday lights?

We lease our holiday lights and decorations to our customers. The advantages of leasing our commercial grade lights is there is no large upfront cost of purchasing lights, no surprise charges and the flexibility to change your light colors from year to year at no extra cost. Lights that are leased also come with a 100% lifelong warranty and are well-maintained and stored to prevent malfunctions and outages.

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